Dealing With Your Child’s Bad Habits


 * Biting

Biting usually happens in the under 4’s but it can progress into a real habit for older children. How do you make your child aware that biting is not acceptable? Shouting never really works with children. Instead, putting them down on the floor away from you is a good way of calming them down. If they continue on a tantrum put them in the time out corner for ten minutes or so to help them calm down.

If the biting takes place in a public place, for example, a play area, then it can be more of a problem to deal with. The parents of the child that has been bitten can get angry and this can be a difficult situation to resolve. Keep calm and don’t overreact to either your child or the bitten child’s parent (even if they are very angry). All you can do is apologize for your child’s behavior. As long as you are seen dealing with your own child, then this usually calms the other parents down.

* Putting their finger up their nose

There is little you can do to stop this. Children like to explore and the nose is always there waiting! Noses can contain many harmful bacteria so putting your finger up your nose is unhygienic.

Diverting their attention away from this habit is really the best way to deal with it. Ensure their hands and fingers are always clean afterwards. Getting your child to learn to use a tissue is important. Every time you see this behavior offer a tissue. You can’t expect your child to instantly stop this habit. Many experts say it takes around 21 days to break a habit, more for little ones!

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* Running away from you!

Most children like to be in the company of their parents because they feel safe when they are with you. From time to time, however, they do like to try to run off and explore the world a little bit! Obviously this can be really worrying for parents especially if this occurs near a busy road.

Keeping a close eye on your child is necessary but even the most vigilant of parents can look away for a split second and then their child is gone. That is why in shopping centers and supermarkets you often hear a message for a lost child. People may tend to wonder what were the parents were doing when they got lost, but it really is difficult to keep track of your child in a situation like shopping when you have to concentrate on something else.

* Bad language

Children pick up many different words from school and not all are welcome! The best way to deal with this is not to react too much and gently remind them that this is not acceptable. No major conversation is needed and, above all, don’t use the language yourself with your child. As parents, you need to watch your language in front of your kids. If you do swear in front of them they will pick this up and use it outside the home, which is not to their benefit.

* Nail biting

Nail biting is a bad habit that can easily be continued right into adulthood if not stopped earlier. It is important to try to put a stop to this at an early age if possible. There are creams that make the nails taste bad but talking to your child and trying to persuade them to stop is the first option you should explore as it may work without spending money or time on the strange creams.

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