The Benefits of Having A Train Table And Other Ways to Use It


It is hard to find any kid that does not like train. If you come to many kids’ store, you can easily find many big train tables on display. They are kids’ all-time favorites and sure one in their life, they will ask their parents to buy them one of these train tables.There are a lot of different sets of train tables and it is sure very hard to pick up the best train table for your kid. They are so different in themes (more…)

How to Purchase a Baby Swing

baby sleep on baby swing

For most of moms and women in pregnancy, the baby swing is a must-have tool which brings ultimate benefits to both parents and babies. There is a great number of baby swings available on today’s marketplace. They vary greatly into different categories, including shapes, sizes, features, colors, brands, etc…Therefore; buying a baby swing is not an easy task, which requires us to think carefully before giving the best decisions (more…)

Advocating for Your Child’s Legal Rights


As a parent, you have more power than you imagined when it comes to helping your autistic child get services. Due to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of 2004, there are a number of things that your child has access to. This law provides the state with federal funding for special education programs should your child meet the criteria. All fifty states have opted to add this to their curriculum and qualify for federal funding in the United States (more…)

Dealing With Your Child’s Bad Habits


 * Biting

Biting usually happens in the under 4’s but it can progress into a real habit for older children. How do you make your child aware that biting is not acceptable? Shouting never really works with children. Instead, putting them down on the floor away from you is a good way of calming them down. If they continue on a tantrum put them in the time out corner for ten minutes or so to help them calm down (more…)

The Hiking Family


One of the cheapest but most rewarding of family activities you can do with kids of any age is to hike. There is a series of great books on this – here is the one I use Monday Morning Memo: The Hiking Family – but you really just need a map of your area and perhaps an Internet connection to get a good idea of what places are the most kid friendly. A baby or toddler can ride in a special backpack or carrier like a Bjorn (more…)